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Whenever you need to find antiques in your area, be sure to call K & L Antiques & Collectibles first. With these experts, you'll never have to look further in the Canton area.

eBay assistance

For many people possessing a valuable item they’d like to part with, eBay is the best source to sell items on the internet. But if the seller is unfamiliar with the internet, eBay, or online auctions, the process can be a bit daunting.

K & L Antiques & Collectibles will help customers sell their own products on eBay. We’ll tell you how to list items, monitor the auctions, and prepare the item for shipping after receipt of payment.

Antique Mall

Even with our offer of assistance with eBay, some customers don’t want to bother with it. This often is because they’d rather do business the old-fashioned way: face-to-face.

K & L Antiques & Collectibles offers an antique mall where customers can rent out booths in our store, at 54 North Main St., Canton, Illinois, to sell their own antiques and collectibles. We currently have more than 100 different sellers offering their items within our establishment.

K & L Antiques & Collectibles
K & L Antiques & Collectibles
K & L Antiques & Collectibles
K & L Antiques & Collectibles

For more information on our antiques and collectibles, our eBay assistance program, or our antique mall,
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